1 million Android LG Optimus One sold in just 40 days

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LG has got to be feeling pretty good about their Optimus One phone. The company has managed to sell over 1 million phones globally, even before the unit launches in the US on our biggest carrier (a Verizon variant is due November 18). Running Android Froyo 2.2, the device has been billed by CNET as a smartphone for beginners.

The low entry price surely must help. Over at a T-Mobile, you can pick up the black version for free, while other colors are just $29. It would appear that we’ve reached the point of maturity in the smartphone market where non-techies are getting their feet wet and looking for a low-cost easy-to-use smartphone and the Optimus One looks to have fit the bill.

If the translation is correct on LG’s release, 580,000 of these units have been shipped to the US. That hopefully bodes well for T-Mobile and Sprint who launched ahead of Verizon who’s Droid has become synonymous with smarthphones.

Read: [LG] via [UnWired View]

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    My cousin will actually love this. She's been looking for smartphones and since she's a beginner, this would be totally great for her. I've been advising her to get a smartphone and since she also has no clue about it, then I guess the LG Optimus will work.