Hulu Plus fully launches, now $7.99 a month

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Hulu Plus
Since the first launch in July, Hulu Plus has been an invite-only preview, with the service costing users $9.99 a month. Today Hulu Plus has finally launched for everyone, at a somewhat cheaper price per month.

For weeks there have been rumors of a $4.99 price point coming for Hulu Plus. Unfortunately that price is still out of reach. The price has dropped just two dollars, coming down to $7.99 a month, which is still cheaper than Netflix. Of course the service still has ads, but it’s better to have ads than to not have the service at all.

Those who were in the Hulu Plus preview period will be refunded the $2 difference for each month they subscribed. New users of the service will get one week free, and an extra two weeks free for every referred friend who signs up. There’s also a few deals for buying new products that have Hulu Plus. Buying a new Hulu Plus-enabled Sony Bravia device will net you 11 free weeks, while a new Roku device will give one month free.

Hulu also announced that it will continue adding new backlogs to Hulu Plus. It plans to add all 36 seasons of Saturday Night Live by the end of the year. Past seasons of Monk, Battlestar Galactica and Psych were also added recently.

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