Kobo launches gift a Kobo e-book and egift cards holiday specials

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Kobo ebook gifting

If you’re idea of gift-giving this Holiday season is not through tangible electronic products, Kobo is offering a good alternative – how about the gift of eReading? Kobo eReading service is joining the Holiday season’s gift-giving party by way of two Holiday season special offerings – the Gift a Kobo ebook and Kobo e-gift cards. This is aside from the gift guide which Kobo made available recently and gives you an assortment of enticing holiday gifts including Kobo Wireless e-reader accessories, ebooks for everyone and the two gifting service especially launched for the Holidays.

Kobo’s Gift a Kobo eBook service lets you gift an eBook to someone else. The idea is right after you’ve browsed Kobo’s ebook catalog, you can select and purchase an eBook and send it electronically to a friend or family member. The recipient will receive a personalized Kobo Holiday email and they can select when they want the ebook delivered. The Kobo eGift Cards on the other hand lets you indicate the amount of gift card you want to send as a gift, choose a Holiday themed gift card and then send the card electronically as well. This service is available for US and Canada customers.

Gift recipients of any of these two Kobo gift products can select the ebooks they received on various Kobo e-reading platforms including iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, the Kobo Wireless eReader, PC, MAC, BlackBerry and Android phones.

Kobo’s ebook gifting and eGift cards service will be available by December.

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