Drivers cheating on their factory-installed navigation

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According to a new report from J.D. Powers, owners of vehicles with factory-installed navigation devices are using portable navigation devices (PND) and smartphones as their primary navigation choice. The study by J.D. Powers set out to rank customer satisfaction of these units and found a large number of owners opting to use something else to get the job done. The Clarion system supplied in Ford Fusions ranked #1 in customer satisfaction.

Ease of use, lower costs and more up-to-date mapping were reasons factory installed options are failing owners. For some, navigating on factory units is cumbersome and a completely different experience than perhaps the PND they’ve become used to. Lower costs for alternative navigation is also a factor J.D. Powers pointed to.

“Portable navigation devices and smartphone navigation both offer a less expensive and more convenient alternative to a factory-installed navigation system,” said Mike Marshall, director of automotive emerging technologies at J.D. Power and Associates. “As these options become more prevalent, it’s important that suppliers take into account some of the features that make these systems preferable—such as ease of use and less expensive and more frequent updates for maps and points of interest—and incorporate them into factory-installed navigation systems to better satisfy customer needs. In addition to addressing these key issues, prices of factory-installed navigation systems need to stay competitive with these other navigation devices growing in popularity.”

Indeed, even free services, such as the experience found in some Android devices, are very simple and feature simple voice input to get destination information. Smartphone GPS navigation has come a long way and continues to get easier to use with each iteration.

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