Amazon finally allows you to gift ebooks

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With each successive Kindle Amazon has increased it’s hold on the eBook market. There have always been a few missing features, however. With the holidays approaching quickly, Amazon has seen fit to add one of those missing features.

Starting today Amazon customers will be able to gift eBooks to other users. It seems like a small features, but it’s one that has been missing until now. previously you had to give the other person an Amazon gift card and tell them to spend it on the eBook f your choice. All you need is the recipient’s email address to gift the eBook. Along with the eBook, you can send a 300 character message in the email that tells your loved one they received the book. As with iTunes gifting, the user gets the email right away, so you’ll have to plan accordingly.

If your friend doesn’t like the eBook your bought them, they can exchange it for and Amazon gift card, so they can buy another eBook, or anything else from

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