Simple, CHEAP, wireless home audio streaming

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Simple, CHEAP, wireless home audio streaming

Would you believe me if I told you that for $70 you can get all the music on your computer to stream to your stereo in less than 5 minutes? Before the Orb came along I wouldn’t have believe it: $70 seems way to cheap given that Sonos charges a few hundred for this functionality and 5 minutes is often how long it takes to open consumer electronics packaging. In just 4 steps I was able to get my music library streaming through my home-theater speakers:

  • I downloaded Orb Caster and set it up on my Mac.
  • I plugged in the Orb Music puck (it is actually smaller than a hockey puck) into my computer and went through a quick install process.
  • I moved the Orb puck to my home theater, connecting it to power and a 1/8″ audio jack.
  • I downloaded the Orb Controller on my iPhone and ipad (it works on an iPod Touch and Android too)

Looking at this as four steps actually makes it seam more complicated than it was. Upon set-up Orb Caster begins indexing my music library on your computer and then broadcasts this to your mobile device (via WiFi) to control the Orb. Not only can you navigate through your computer music library but you can also tap into your Pandora or streaming Sirius account. The coolest part is that as along as you are within the same WiFi network (802.11b/g/n) you can move the Orb around from stereo to stereo (living room, bedroom, out by the pool, even a portable speaker).

As you looks to gifts for audio lovers over this holiday season I urge you to consider the Orb. For $70 you can’t go wrong.

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Simple, CHEAP, wireless home audio streaming
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  • rock123

    Looks ok, I'd personally get an airport express though. Works with iTunes music of course, multiple units on the same network (even extending your network if you want). Ipod touch/ iphone/ ipad apps. And if you get Airfoil you can stream audio from any app or source your computer can play. The original wireless G routers are usually about 40-50 dollars. Oh and you can use them to add other devices to your network, like a roku, xbox, dvr, etc. It's all cross platform too. It can be a simple one trick pony, or a flashy, rainbow colored, 10 trick pony with hidden bonus tricks that it does at pony shows.

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