Rumor: Palm “Mansion” to come sporting webOS 2.0 & a 5 inch display

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According to the latest in the rumor mill, Palm is getting ready to kick out a 5 inch webOS 2.0 running device. So far the details are pretty much nonexistent and sit at just that, a 5 inch device running webOS 2.0. Otherwise, at present the codename for said device is the “mansion.” Sounds good and while we would be excited about such as device, we cannot help but think of the underwhelming Dell Streak tablet, which is running Android, but based on a 5 inch display. That said, according to the details, the Palm Mansion could launch in as little as three months — in other words, sometime in February. If nothing else, I guess this gives us something that Palm could announced during CES this coming January.

Via [BGR]

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