PhoneSuit Primo Power Core external battery announced, 8200mAh with $99.95 price tag

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PhoneSuit Primo Power Core external battery for iPad announced, 8200mAh with $99.95 price tag

PhoneSuit has officially announced their latest external battery solution, the Primo Power Core, which is packing an 8200 mAh battery. The Primo Power Core will power up just about any device, including smartphones, netbooks, notebooks and iPods though it is touting special support for the iPad and Apple’s 2.1 Amp requirement. As for power, the Primo Power Core will charge up the iPad one full time, however it will charge other devices such as your iPhone or other smartphone up to four additional times. Furthermore, the battery ships with an “array of charging tips” for a wide variety of devices so your device should be covered. With that, the Primo Power Core is selling for $99.95 and is currently available for pre-order with an “available to ship” date of December 10th.

Product [PhoneSuit Primo Power Core]

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