Netflix adds streaming-only plan for $7.99, raises prices for discs

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Netflix new price grid It’s been a long time coming to the US, and now we finally have the option for a Netflix membership that only streams content, no more discs. The new plan doesn’t come without downsides for those who still want to have their discs, however.

In matching Netflix’s Canadian plan, the streaming-only option for the US costs $7.99 per month. That gives you unlimited access to Netflix’s streaming movies and TV shows. Remember, however, that not all content that Netflix has access to is on Watch Instantly. The streaming library has been growing quite a bit, but US customers still lack some of the content that was announced for the Canadian launch. So with a streaming-only option you lose access to recent movies and TV shows like Superbad and Mad Men which were both promised for the Canadian launch, and are nowhere to be found in the American Watch Instantly site.

For those who still want to access movies from Netflix that may not be on Watch instantly, you still can. The price for plans that includes discs, however has been increased. It’s not by much, however, just $1 extra for the one and two disc plans. For each other plan the extra cost is $1 per disc. So the base disc plan is now $9.99 a month, while two discs cost $14.99 per month and three discs are now $19.99 every month. Of course, Blu-ray discs still cost extra, with the price varying according to your plan. For one disc plans it adds $2, while adding $3 and $4 to two and three disc plans, respectively.

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