eBay updates it iPhone app, brings in barcode scanning for in-store comparison shopping

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eBay mobile iphone app

If Amazon has just released its price comparison app for iPhone and iPod Touch in preparation for the Black Friday deals and other Holiday shopping gigs, eBay too is joining the party by updating its iPhone and iPod Touch app. The updated eBay iOS app is bringing in some good features for both eBay buyer and seller including – barcode scanning and a faster way for sellers to list their items.

Using RedLaser barcode-scanning technology, the updated eBay app bridges in-store and mobile shopping experience. This allows us to scan barcodes while in various stores and compare these prices with the prices offered by eBay sellers – hence giving us an informed decision when making a purchase. The app covers various merchandise such as electronics, movies, and videogames. What’s good about all this is that right after finding out that eBay has the same products available for a much lower price, you can order the products right there and then by using the eBay app.

If you’re an eBay seller, eBay mobile app lets you research ongoing sales trends, quickly list your items and manage them using your iOS device. You can also search for completed listings to find out what similar items were recently sold on eBay. Like when doing comparison check, eBay mobile also lets sellers scan their products and use the information yielded by the app for listing the products on eBay. This process takes only a minute or even less. For faster posting of some items which are already available on eBay, the app lets you use the “Sell One Like This” option. Listing your item through this option lets you populate your listing with information including category and item condition.

Other features of the updated eBay mobile app include – quick view, buyer protection, instant access to deals, quick PayPal payment option, saved searches, reminders, and pull-to-refresh. You can check out the eBay mobile video after the product link below.

Product [iTunes (App Store link)] Read [Business Wire]

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  • Philip Cohen

    Obviously, I am missing something. What possible good is RedLaser to eBay? Due to eBay’s lack of control over prices on eBay and eBay’s constant fee increases, prices on eBay are unlikely to be that attractive to consumers. And, “brands” surely aren’t going to direct buyers to eBay when they can direct them to their own sites, or elsewhere, and avoid eBay’s ever higher and higher profit-sucking fees.

    eBay’s many ongoing Donahoe-introduced problems are hardly worth discussing any more. Clearly, the headless turkeys have taken over the eBay farmyard and, in particular since the sociopath (psychopath?) John Donahoe has been given a key to the larger “disabled” cubicle in the executive wash room, eBay is, in relative terms, every quarter being flushed further and further down the toilet.

    Since April Fools Day (how apt!) and the dumping of all “store” items into core, eBay’s data centers appear (still) to be effectively crippled or, if they are functioning as planned, it’s a very strange plan. Regardless, it would appear that for many users the eBay whale is now high and dry on a beach somewhere, has died, and the putrefying carcass is now very much on the nose.

    I suspect that eBay must by now be obtaining most of their shrinking revenue stream from re-listing fees for items that remain unsold, FVFs from shill-bidding sellers buying their own stuff, and from advertising on sellers’ item pages that takes buyers away from the seller and even away from eBay, than from fees on any genuine sales. How long can that situation continue?

    By the way, how can an established, publicly listed, for-profit commercial entity, that is supposedly making so much money, manage to never pay its stockholders a dividend? It appears that the only people that have ever had any benefit out of eBay’s supposed stash of overseas cash are the senior managing executives, and even they have been recently selling their eBay stock: eBay’s Chief Headless Turkey and Bain & Co shill, John Donahoe, is dribbling out his eBay stock sales on a monthly basis, probably hoping that no one will notice:

    Methinks that this latter-day “Captain Queeg” and his fellow incompetents are provisioning their personal lifeboats for the inevitable announcement that the now completed three-year Donahoe “turn around” cruise has indeed not yet left port but is still “spinning” around, and around, and around, and, as a result of Donahoe’s “destructive innovations”, the rusting old hulk “eBay” is now so low in the water, it must be on the point of going submarine.

    Surely, the people currently making the decisions at eBay need to be psychologically appraised: I suspect that all that Koolaid has detrimentally affected them, and one has to wonder just how much longer the eBay Board is going to let this destructive Bain & Co shill and his cretinous minions continue their destruction of this once unique and commercially most successful entity.

    Shill Bidding on eBay: Case Study #4
    This latest study provides an indication of eBay’s desperation to mitigate its lessening sales activity and very effectively demonstrates eBay’s effective aiding and abetting of criminal shill bidding “wire fraud” activity by unscrupulous professional sellers on unsuspecting buyers:

    eBay/PayPal/Donahoe: Dead Men Walking.