Opinion: Why Netflix will lose $2 per month from me

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Yesterday, Netflix announced a brand new streaming only plan as well as a $1 price increase on the lowest plan to get streaming plus DVDs by mail. The price changes will take effect on billing statements dated after Jan. 2, 2011. Within the hour Netflix made this announcement, I had lowered my plan.

Streaming has become well over 90% of my Netflix usage. I use it, my kids use it, heck – even my wife knows how to use it. Thanks to streaming Netflix, I breezed through all 3 seasons of Arrested Development in less than a week (what a find!). My movie watching behavior changed and I am consuming more content.

I can’t even tell you what is in my DVD queue at the moment. I cannot curate it, it takes too much coordination of release dates to keep me interested. That is where streaming reigns supreme: instant gratification.

Is the DVD dead? Not yet, I figure I’ll compliment streaming with Redbox $1 movie rentals when I feel the need to see something newer; again instant gratification. That’s two movies a month to break even.

So for me, this was an easy call. How about you? Will the $1 price hike get you change? Are DVDs still part of your movie-watching experience? Let us know.

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  • Nathan

    I really think the DVD experience is more about quality than anything else. It's getting to where most middle-class families have the HDTV with surround sound and even with a 20Mb/s connection, you don't always get movies in the best quality through Netflix streaming. I dare say it will take streaming reaching HD levels consistently before most people switch…and at that point, DVDs will go the way of the CD.

  • Doug

    As a working actor on tour I canceled my Netflix as I didn't have an address to send the DVD's to. But I love the streaming and might now re-enroll. I love the fact that I can find obscure documentaries and do research online almost instantly.

    Netflix could replace the public library as a source for low cost media. I wish they would start offering audiobooks along with movies.

  • fidget

    If Netflix began supporting Linux-based streaming that doesn't involve having to run a Windows virtual machine, I'd consider dropping the extra money for the DVDs. Until that day, I largely use the service for DVDs and hardly at all for streaming.

  • Gunny

    iTunes and Netflix…..
    Stream it, rent it or buy it…. Why would I want a disk? You have to return them, or find a place to store them. They get scratched or lost…..

  • Elizabeth

    Ever your wife knows how to use it? Goodness! She must be a a veritable genius to be a woman who's capable of using such a complicated thing as Netflix.

  • Jim

    I won't change to all streaming until NetFlix has the current DVD's for streaming. I have a $200 Blue Ray player that I want to use, and I want to see the movies in HD. Plus living in the country makes it expensive to drive 30 miles round trip to rent movies. So for now I will pay the extra money to get the latest Blue Ray HD movies sent to my home. You also have to remember that to watch a pay-per view movie on Sat. or cable cost around $5 a movie. On average I watch 3 to 4 movies a month. Total cost from Sat. or cable equals $20. NetFlix cost me around $12.99 a month. So renting a DVD is still cheaper in the long run.

  • loopslikess

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