Acer officially joins the tablet party, intros 2 Android tablets with no name

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Acer Android tablet

Forget about branding and let’s announce that we’re also into this thing. That seems to be Acer’s motto right now as it hurries up in announcing that they, too, are coming up with a tablet device. In fact, Acer is working on two Android tablets – one will have a 7-inch display while the other one will be a 10-incher. Unfortunately, due to Acer’s excitement to let the world know about these two Android tablets, they forgot to give it a name.

So for now, let’s be contend to call these tablets as Acer Tablets. And what does Acer has to offer to the gradually expanding tablet market? Well, judging from what we can read from the official PR, it seems that these two tablets are being geared to become your portable multimedia consumption machine. Sounds familiar? For instance, the 10-inch Acer Android tablet will have capacitive touch screen feature with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity features and sport an aluminum casing enclosing a 13.3mm thick body. Said Android tablet will also have a high resolution, high color contrast display – perfect for consuming HD video both on its screen or on your TV via HDMI port. Acer also highlights the fact that this Android tablet will be able to run and play premium HD arcade games as well as complex online 3D games aided by its point multitouch and gyro meter control.

Going now to the 7-inch Android tablet, it seems that this one is being geared more for social web browsing aside from its multimedia playback capability. It will also have a full touch screen where you can enjoy playing games, viewing photos and videos. But what’s important to note here is that this tablet will keep you connected with your friends via email or social networks. In fact, it has a front-facing HD camera for video chat. Said tablet will feature a dual core processor and will support Adobe Flash Player 10.1.

Availability for these two Acer Android tablets will be sometime around April 2011. It’s not really clear yet whether these two Android tablets will already be running Android 2.3 or Gingerbread since it will be available by April 2011. If not, they will certainly be running on Android 2.2.

So are we excited or what?

Via [Engadget]

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