Dell offers up unlocked Dell Streak with Android 2.2 for $579

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Dell Streak Cherry Red

If you’ve been eyeing the Dell Streak Android tablet but doesn’t want to get tied up to carrier contracts, here’s your chance to finally own this cool Android tablet in its unlock iteration. Dell is offering the Android Streak unlocked, ready to be used with any SIM for $579. In addition, you can grab one of these Dell tablet in its new Cherry red design from

Of course, since most of us are not keen on owning a tablet device in sparkling Cherry red, you can still grab the white model which has been available exclusively from Best Buy. Both cherry red and pure white Dell Streaks are still running Android 1.6 if you grab them right now. But Dell promises to release an OTA update that will bring the tablets’ OS to Android 2.2. Said OTA update will be issued is two phases. First phase is being rolled out to customers who purchased unlocked Dell Streaks outside the United States, while the second phase will be carried out to SIM-locked Dell Streaks purchased from participating mobile carriers. Dell is still getting technical approval from carriers to roll out the Android 2.2 upgrade and this will most probably happen by December.

Additionally, Dell is also offering the Streak with 32GB microSD card for both Cherry Red and Carbon Black models. This comes with additional cost of $99.

So, who’s getting the Dell Streak?

Via [Direct2Dell]

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  • Paul

    Isn't nice that Dell is releasing phones with 2.2 for sale before the people that already own Streaks are waiting for updates(and have BEEN waiting).What a shame that such a good phone has such pitiful product support.I am already cringing at the thought of the waittime for a gingerbreas update