Verizon brings Skype to more phones including prepaid handsets

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Skype Verizon

The holiday season is not just about buying gifts and giving them out to your friends and family but it is also that time of the year when people far away from each other spend some time reconnecting through all possible means on a virtual conditions. So, Verizon Wireless is helping out by bringing in Skype, a great tool for reconnecting people far apart from each other to more Verizon phones. In fact, even prepaid Verizon smartphones are getting Skype mobile.

Some of the Verizon smartphones which are getting Skype mobile include – the Pantech Crux, LG Octane and Samsung deal. If you won any of these smartphones, you can download Skype for Mobile from the Media Center/Get it Now or from the online media store at An alternative way to get this app is by sending a text message to 2255 with the message “SKYPE.” You’ll receive a download link which you can access via your Verizon phone.

In case you haven’t used Skype before, well you’re missing a lot. No, seriously, Skype lets you make unlimited Skype-to-Skype calls from the U.S. to Mexico, Southeast Asia and anywhere else in the world if you purchase a data package. What’s good about having Skype on your smartphone is the fact that it allows you to stay online while doing something else on your phone.

So, there. If you have a loved one located in the far-flung areas of Southeast Asia or anywhere else in the world – Skype and Verizon are bridging the distance this coming Holiday Season.

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