Gyroscope and WiFi turn iPhone into Air Mouse

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Muvea Air Mouse turns iPhone into magic wand for presentations and home media

On sale now in the App Store is a new app that transforms your iPhone 4 into a air motion controller for your TV gear or presentations. The app Air Mouse comes from Movea, a company famous for its Gyration Air Mouse. The app costs just $1.99.

MotionTools and the Air Mouse app enable a presenter to turn their computer’s cursor into a highlighter, laser pointer or pen. MotionTools also has built in gesture recognition that allows users to gently swipe their phone in the air to launch applications, skip through songs in a playlist, activate presentation effects, navigate the web, and much, much more

The app features dynamic scrolling, pan and zoom; highlighting, drawing and stamping capabilities; shortcuts like copy and paste; Internet and media device hotkeys; and presentation tools. Because the iPhone is connected via WiFi, the range is quite good, up to 100 feet says Movea.

iTunes link: [iTunes] Company page: [Movea]

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