Rumor: BlackBerry PlayBook pricing to start at $399

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BlackBerry PlayBook

According to Mobility Insider, the expected prices of the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook should compete nicely with the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Unfortunately, Mobility Insider did not reveal their source on the pricing information, but the 8GB model is expected to cost $399, the 16GB model for $499, and the 32GB model for $599.

Each model shares the same core capabilities, so the only main difference among models is the storage capabilities. Additionally, each model will be Wi-Fi only, but the option to tether a PlayBook to a BlackBerry smartphone will exist. As of now, the PlayBook isn’t expected to be available until mid-February of next year. As long as the pricing of the tablet stays relatively the same, RIM should have a strong contender on its hands.

Via [Mobility Insider]

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    Apple can better come up soon with a new iPad2 because i think the Playbook is going a bit further.