Rumor: Microsoft to roll-out “massive” Windows Phone 7 update in January

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Twitter seems to have become a popular spot for yet-to-be-confirmed Windows Phone 7 stories as of late and assuming this latest is true then current users will have something nice to look forward to seeing in the coming year — an update. According to what we have seen so far, the update is said to be “massive.” And while that along sounds interesting enough, it is being further described as how the update should be called Windows Phone 8. Granted, that may be a bit overstated, however the update is rumored to include goodies such as copy/paste, custom ringer support and “some form” of multi-tasking. The other perk comes in with navigation and is said to be improvements and turn-by-turn.

Read [Twitter @ChrisWalshie] Via [WPCentral] and [Mobility Digest]

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