Dell Venue Pro might be shipping December 14 for $149

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Dell Venue Pro

Of all the Windows Phone 7 phones announced at launch, the Dell Venue Pro was perhaps the most interesting. It packs a 4.1-inch screen and a slide-out portrait keyboard, a rarity in phones not made by RIM or Palm. However, the initial launch wasn’t much of a launch at all, it was only available in brick-and-mortar Microsoft stores, and even then the device was hard to find. Now it looks like we may finally be close to a real, full launch of the Dell smartphone.

Earlier today Dell put up a page for the Venue Pro, only to yank it down sometime after. Thankfully, PocketNow managed to grab a screenshot of the page before it was taken down. The venue Pro page showed the device coming out on December 14, just two weeks from now. The smartphone will cost $149.99 on contract, according tot he screenshot, or $499.99 if you prefer to get an unlocked version. Buying an unlocked version, however, might not be all that useful as it will still only work on T-Mobile’s 3G network.

Hopefully Dell does release the Venue Pro around December 14 like the page indicated, instead of making us wait even longer. As mentioned before, it is perhaps one of the most interesting Windows Phone 7 phones, and it’d be nice to actually get it out to more people. It would also be a shame if the phone missed out on the entirety of the holiday buying season.

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