DoubleTwist lets Android users sync all media wirelessly

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DoubleTwist AirSync

Using cables is annoying. That holds especially true for cables that are meant for syncing. The cables are only used sometimes, and can get in the way when not in use. It;d be nice to just do away with the damn things once and for all. If you’re an Android user who syncs your media witha a computer, you can finally do away with a cable to do the work for you.

DoubleTwist has just launched it’s newest update that now includes AirSync. AirSync allows users to sync their music, video and pictures between their Android phone and their PC or Mac (although Macs can’t sync photos just yet). The process for setting up AirSync should be familiar to anyone who’s ever used the Remote app on an iOS device, or paired a Bluetooth device. You just make sure the computer and phone are on the same WiFi network, the apps will recognize each other, and you input a code from the Android app in the desktop app. From then the media will begin to sync.

Synching over WiFi may be a bit slower than using USB depending on the speed of your network, but it’s much more convenient. Your media will sync automatically when your phone is on the same network as your computer, assuming both are on and the app is running on both. That way if there’s something new on either device, you don’t have to worry about remembering to connect the two together to sync it. The future is finally here, DoubleTwist may be the first to wirelessly sync multiples types of media, but it likely won’t be the last.

In order to get AirSync, you have to buy the premium version of the app, which costs $0.99 for the first 10,000 people, and $4.99 thereafter.

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  • impaler

    Time will tell if it actually works. I've heard mixed feelings on it.