Evernote Beta for Mac 2.0 comes with notebook sharing and stacking

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Evernote Beta for Mac 2.0

Evernote Beta for Mac has just been updated to version 2.0 If you’ve been using this app on your Mac, you should grab the update now to enjoy some new features that will make you love the Mac app even more. The two new features which actually are the most requested by users are – in-app notebook sharing and notebook stacks for better organization of your Evernote notebooks. Before you read what these two features will allow you to do, you might want to grab Evernote Beta for Mac 2.0 now. Simply click on the “update to beta versions” checkbox under the Software Update tab of the Evernote for Mac preferences. Check for updates and follow the steps for migrating your Evernote data.

So now we will tell you what these two new features are all about. First, in-app notebook sharing. This new feature allows you to share your notebooks with friends and co-workers without leaving Evernote for Mac. Yes, obviously you can now do the sharing inside the app. You can make your Evernote notebooks viewable by the public or by selected invididuals from your Evenote contact list. When sharing your notebook to the public, you will be given a URL that you can share to anyone. Shared notebooks also have RSS feeds which can be crawled by search engine should any of the people you share it with publishes the URL online. If you don’t want to share your notebooks with anyone, you can just select individuals or groups by entering their email addresses. You can then specify whether those you are inviting will be required to sign into Evernote to view your notebooks.

The other new feature of Evernote Beta for Mac 2.0 is notebook stacks. This is simply a visual way of grouping together your notebooks to let you manage and view them in a more organize fashion. It allows you to drag and drop all related notebooks into their respective stacks and then view or collapse them later on.

These two new features of Evernote will also be rolled out to other platforms such as Evernote for Windows as well as the mobile versions. So stay tuned for updates if you’re not a Mac user.

via [Evernote Blog]

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