Samsung sold 1 million Galaxy Tabs in two months

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Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung’s 7-inch tablet, the Galaxy Tab is selling faster than even Samsung predicted. In just two months since it’s launch, the Android tablets has managed to sell over 1 million units despite it’s high price and two-year contracts.

When the device first launched, Samsung planned to sell just about 1 million Tabs before the year was done. With the news that it has already sold that number of units, the company has raised its expectations to 1.5 million units before the end of the year. Those 1.5 million units will all be on 3G versions, as the WiFi version of the Galaxy Tab is nowhere to be found.

Selling 1 million units so quickly is actually a bit surprising considering that the OS wasn’t built specifically for tablets. There must be a few reasons why the Tab is selling beter than expected. The size and the fact that it’s not made by Apple might be the two biggest reasons.

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