US Cellular offers up three new prepaid plans for the budget conscious

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US Cellular prepaid plans

Here’s another mobile phone related treat, this time from U.S. Cellular. If you don’t want to get tied up with a two-year contract from mobile carriers but still want to enjoy calling and data browsing privileges using your phones, prepaid monthly plan is your way to go. U.S. Cellular is offering three new types of these prepaid monthly plans with monthly charges of either $29, $39 and $49. All these prepaid plans come with unlimited messaging choices and graduated levels of included voice minutes.

Let’s take a quick rundown of these new U.S. Cellular prepaid plans and the phones suited well for each of them. The $29 Prepaid Plan is perfect for users who text more than make voice calls. It comes with 200 minutes and unlimited text, picture and video messaging. U.S. Cellular is offering this plan with a Samsung Messager Touch, a great texting phone with 2.6-inch QVGA touchscreen and full-slide out keyboard.

Then you have the $39 Prepaid Plan for mobile phone users who mainly text and surf the web. It’s loaded with 400 minutes, unlimited text, picture and video messaging plus up to 5GB of web browsing add-on. U.S. Cellular suggests to get this plan with either a Samsung Freeform, Motorola GRASP or LG Mystique.

The last of the new U.S. Cellular prepaid plans will cost your $49 a month and is perfect for users who talk and text a lot. It comes with 1,000 minutes and unlimited text, picture and video messaging. This plan is best availed with the LG Wine or Samsung Profile.

Of course if you don’t mind receiving unexpected charges every month you can always opt to get a postpaid plan. U.S. Cellular is also offering two new postpaid plans – the Belief Plans and Essential Plus Family Plan. The former charges you with $69.99 Primary Plus Plan and gives you up to 5GB of data, unlimited text, picture and video messaging plus free GPS navigation. It also comes with unlimited incoming calls from any phone as well as mobile-to-mobile calls. The Essential Plus Family Plan on the other hand charges you $139.99 per month and gives you 1500 share minutes, unlmited messaging and up to 5GB of data.

There you go. Some nice offers from U.S. Cellular which are enough to make you stay online and connected during the Holiday Season. Take your pick now folks.

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