White iPhone or white lies?: coming Spring 2011

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White iPhone continues to elude consumers, now slated for Spring 2011

According to new signage going up in Apple stores, the mythical beast that is the white iPhone will be available in Spring of next year. Apple showed off the white iPhone 4 during the phone’s preview but to date, has been unable to deliver it. Rumors suggested the color matching (white vs. ecru vs. egg shell vs…) was keeping the variant from consumers hands while other rumors suggested the color had been flat-out cancelled.

The signs going up in stores say, “the white iPhone will be available Spring 2011.” It doesn’t get more clear than that. Is there more to this story?

Only if you look at the dates for Spring. Spring 2011 starts March 20. Spring 2011 ends on June 22. Apple usually updates their new iPhone in June and in fact, launched the iPhone 4 on June 24 of this year. Could it be that the White color will be part of iPhone 5?

We won’t even get into a Verizon-only rumor….

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  • Jawad

    i dont think that they will extend white , and release it with iphone 5