On why the Google Nexus S is not the Google Nexus 2

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The Nexus S news originally broke as the Nexus Two way back when and while that name was never confirmed it did seem to make sense considering we currently had the Nexus One available. Given that it seemed only logical that potential customers would take to the name and it would probably have even helped sell a few upgrades because many would want the Nexus Two as opposed to the Nexus One for the simple fact that it is a newer phone and therefor better. Of course, looking at the specs we can clearly see that it is better, but naming is also important for the mind and it seems that Samsung had something to do with the handset coming in as the Nexus S as opposed to the Nexus Two. First and foremost, yes there is the S and Samsung and Galaxy S thing going on, but it seems much simpler than that. According to a report on TechCrunch; Samsung simply did not like “being number two” and given that the handset was born as the Nexus S.

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