Will accessories make the Chrome OS fail?

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Over at Business Insider, Matt Rosoff wrote an interesting piece reminding us there is more to laptops than just the included hardware. Things like cameras, hard drives, printers, mice; all those things we plug into our laptops make our experience complete. Google seems to have come up short on supporting these.

Toward the end of today’s Chrome OS event, Google admitted that it’s still working out how to support hardware peripherals. This is how Chrome OS is most likely to fail.

Rosoff goes on to point out that printers are a particularly troubling problem that will most likely force users of the Chrome OS to have another computer to get that printer installed. Camera connections and webcams pose another problem (though, a webcam is listed in the C48 specs). Google has said they’ve not completed work on USB support yet.

Experts are quick to point out that Chrome OS is really just a thin layer on top of Linux and Linux figured all this out a while back.

Will peripherals be the downfall of the new OS? Will it find only netbook adoption rates?

Read: [Business Insider]

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