Cr-48 Chrome notebooks are already arriving

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Google Cr-48 Chrome Notebook
Google is not wasting any time in shipping out the Cr-48 Chrome notebooks, it seems. The event where the Pilot Program was announced was just two days ago, and we’e already seeing a few people who have received their notebooks.

Earlier today, Ben Kessler, Communications Director of SeatGeek, woke up to find a Cr-48 on his doorstep. Kessler filled out the Pilot Program to get the Cr-48. It seems reasonable, then, that others who filled out the form on the first day should start receiving their notebooks soon. That is, they should start receiving them if they were chosen to get one.

Given that Google has a limited quantity of the Cr-48, it’d be best to get your entry in if you haven’t already. If you did fill out a form, it seems you can sit and wait for Google to deem you worthy. I know I’ve been keeping an eye out for FedEx all day on the chance that Google has decided to send one my way.

Read [TechCrunch] Image from [Ben Kessler Flickr]

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