Google Voice app available for iPad and iPod Touch now

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Google Voice for ipad and ipod touch

Google Voice for iPhone was a much awaited app and so many rejoiced when it became available from the App Store a few weeks ago. But realizing the iPhone is not the only device that this app can be useful, Google has updated it to a newer version that supports the other iOS devices – iPod Touch and iPad. Now, before you start wondering how Google Voice can be useful for iPad and iPod Touch users when in fact, those two devices are incapable of making cellular calls – well there are other uses of the app which don’t really require cellular connectivity.

Really now? So, what are those features? Well, you can send and receive text messages through your Google Voice account for one. You can also use the app to initiate a Google Voice calls with your phones via Click2Call feature. This can be done by simply clicking on “Call” button in the Google Voice app on your iPod Touch and iPad and then choose which phones you want to ring. Google Voice app will then call your phone and then connect your call.

Other enhancements made to Google Voice app for iOS devices include – automatic disabling of text forwarding when push notifications is enabled to prevent multiple notifications, ability to send all callers straight to your voicemail via Do not disturb settings, easier to place calls from the address book via a dedicated Contacts button on the Dialer tab, and streamlined text messages sending by eliminating the need to press the OK button.

Of course all of these enhancements are useless to you if you’re not from the U.S. since Google Voice requires a valid US Google Voice account. But then, there’s no harm in knowing these information if you’re not from the U.S., right?

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