Website lets you track all Cr-48 shipments to your town

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Cr-48 Shipping Tracker

Early last week Google announced it’s Pilot Program for those who want to try out the prototype Chrome notebook, the Cr-48. Late last week, with no real warning, Cr-48s started appearing on doorsteps, leaving some happy, and others wondering if they’d be getting their own units.

There’s still no telling if you’re guaranteed to get your very own Cr-48, but there is a way to know if someone in your town will be receiving the limited-run notebook. The Cr-48 Shipping Tracker will tell you exactly how many units are shipping to your town. The tracker will give you all the typical information you’d get from UPS, telling you when the units were shipped and when they are set to arrive.

The Cr-48 Shipping Tracker works best in smaller towns where there’ll likely be only a few units shipped (or none at all in my case). Larger cities will have a lot more shipments, making it harder to tell if you’ll be receiving one. For example, New York, NY has 141 total Cr-48s shipped so far. So, if you’re tired of waiting for a device that may or may not come, check the tracker to see if anyone in your town will get one, then hope that it’s being delivered to you.

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