Android 2.2 coming to Nook Color in January [Update]

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Nook Color Shortly after the launch of the Nook Color, the tablet was hacked to be able to run any Android apps, not just the apps Barnes & Noble had preloaded onto the device. It seemed to be worthwhile hack to get a $250 7-inch Android tablet. It looks like Barnes & Noble will make those hacks unnecessary in January when it updates the Nook Color.

Barnes & Noble is set to upgrade the Nook Color to Android 2.2 sometime in January. The OS update will bring all the speed associated with Android 2.2, but will also bring a number of new features to the tablet. With Android 2.2, the Nook Color will really become an Android tablet, with users being able to access the usual Android home screen. The tablet should also feature a version of the Android Market, so you should be able to get a copy of Angry Birds on there if you’d like.

The update to Android 2.2 will also bring better performance and battery life to the Nook Color. Hopefully that means that turning the page in eBooks will be faster. One thing it does mean is that there will be pinch-to-zoom in the browser, which is always a good thing. Unfortunately, such an update can’t bring 3G to the tablet, but for $250 the Nook Color is starting to sound a lot better.

[Update] It looks like the Nook Color will be getting some apps in January, however it will not be the Android Market as was originally reported. In other words, the Nook Color will remain a non-Android Market device.

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