Google adds personalized recognition to Voice Search Android app

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google voice search personalization

It looks like Google is on the roll today. Aside from making Google Voice app available for iPad and iPod Touch, Google has also introduced a new feature to its Voice Search app for Android devices running 2.2. This new feature called personalized recognition is aimed at building a more accurate model by listening to your voice and learning how you speak.

Personalized recognition for Google Voice Search is an opt-in feature so you can enabled or disable it any time via the Google Voice recognition settings on your Android phone. Once you’ve opted to turn this on, Google Voice Search will start associating recordings of the words that you asked to recognize with your Google account. The app will then utilize these words in building a speech model for you. The speech model will be used by Google to provide you with a highly accurate voice recognition. So the more you use Google Voice Search on your Android phone, the more accurate this personalized recognition becomes.

As expected, this personalized recognition feature is available only for English in the United States. But Google promises to make it available to other countries and languages in the future as well. Personalized recognition for Google Voice Search app supports Android phones running Android 2.2. You can enjoy these feature by getting the newest version of Voice Search app for Android. Aside from this new feature, the updated app also now works faster when your Android phone is connected to the Internet via 3G or EDGE.

Check it out and tell us how it goes so far on your end.

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