Dell Venue Pro delayed until January

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Dell Venue Pro

After a problematic, limited launch the Dell Venue Pro is just running into more problems. The first devices, available only through Microsoft stores, seemed to have some issues with WiFi, and were generally hard to find. Now, just when the Venue Pro was set for it’s full launch, the smartphone has been delayed a few weeks.

Several members on the xda-developers forums are reporting that their pre-orders are now scheduled to start shipping on January 6. Curiously, Dell’s website lists the phone as expected to ship on December 30, though that could mean the units would start arriving around January 6. To compound matters even more, some on the xda-developers forums are reporting that Dell told them their units were already shipped.

There is no official line from Dell on why the smartphone has been delayed. Reasons vary between “excessive demand” and “a missing part.” You’d think, however, that if there was too much demand to keep up with, Dell would have said something by now. It’s also a bit strange that there’s two different dates for when the device will ship. Hopefully Dell can sort all of it out quickly so we can finally get ahold of the most interesting Windows Phone 7 phone.

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