Google enables Gmail delegation to anyone

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gmail delegationGoogle seems to be giving Gmail some attention lately. After giving out second chances to accidentally deleted Gmail contacts, here’s another nice feature which will be very useful for those who maintain multiple Gmail accounts or for those who wants to share their accounts to somebody else. The new Gmail delegation allows you to authorize another Gmail account from accessing another Gmail account. So, instead of logging out from one account to another you can open both simultaneously.

This feature wil be most helpful when maintaining a shared email account for a family or group of individual Gmail users. It’s also useful for managers and bosses who want to give their assistants access to read or reply to email on their behalf. This feature can be setup via your Gmail Settings tab. Open the “Accounts” tab and simply select the newest option labeled – “Grant access to your account.”

Once you’ve given access to a Gmail account to another Gmail account, a verification email will be sent to the Gmail account you’re sharing access with. Once accepted, the email address of that account will be displayed at the top right corner of Gmail. You can then toggle between these two accounts. From now on, every email that you send from the shared Gmail account will have a notation indicating that the email was sent on behalf of your other Gmail account.

gmail delegation

Confusing? You’ve got to try it out to make it simpler to understand.

Via [Gmail Blog]

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