Flipboard iPad news reader adds Google Reader, Flickr and other new features

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Not resting on their laurels after their app was named App of the Year by Apple, the good folks responsible for the cool iPad news reader app – Flipboard has just issued an update to their app. The updated Flipboard now supports Google Reader and Flickr, plus improved Facebook integration. The app also sports a new interface and news feeds layout. With new features such as these, Flipboard would definitely remain to be a top iOS app for the coming months.

Let’s take a closer look at the new features of Flipboard then. First up is Google Reader integration. And mind you, this is no ordinary integration, but a deeper one. The app will now let you browse your Google Reader folders as well as your friend’s shared items. The app will also allow you to star, share, and comment on stories. In short, Google Reader was integrated to Flipboard more of as a social network rather then an RSS reader.

Then, there’s Flickr support. This feature adds majority of Flickr’s features including – photostream, favorites, groups, and more. This is very appropriate since the iPad’s excellent display capability would bring justice to your high-resolution photos stored on Flickr.

As for the Facebook integration, Flipboard now lets you flip through your Facebook groups, fan pages, and photos. For Twitter, it lets you browse your tweets, @mentions, lists, and Twitter Favorites. The app also lets you see your friends’ tweets by simply tapping on your friends’ avatars. In addition, you can also create status updates, post photos between Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader.

Finally, the new Flipboard iPad app also now sports a new interface with fast switching between sections, browsing feeds and for quickly adding these feeds into the table of contents. The app also made some improvements to how feeds are display on your iPad screen. Specifically text are now fully justified with hyphenation and faster access to stories, and load times.

Overall, it’s really a huge update. The Flipboard folks may still have a hangover after getting the App of the Year commendation – motivating them to improve their app some more.

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