Hello Kitty iPhone case driving young girl smartphone adoption in US?

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Hello Kitty iPhone case driving younger girl smartphone adoptionAccording to a new Nielson report, the majority of smartphone owners aged 15-24 are female in the US. This bucks a larger trend of male ownership of smartphones found in every other country studied, besides the US. Young women seem to have taken to smartphones in the US.

Nielsen’s new whitepaper on Mobile Youth Around the World puts smartphone ownership of females in the US at 55%, far and away the only country where males are in the minority. India, for example, has a smartphone-toting young crowd of whom 80% are male. Next comes Germany at 66%, Italy, China, Spain, Russia, and then finally, the UK at 53%. Overall smartphone ownership of all ages finds the US to be 55% male.

Why are females leading the smartphone charge among young adults? Is it social networks that are driving the need for smartphones? Is it earlier workforce entry for females, thus necessitating the need for a smartphone? Is is must-have Hello Kitty iPhone cases?

What is your take? Let us know in the comments.

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