The future of dictionary is now an iPhone augmented reality app called Word Lens

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For those who are asking what would be the future of the dictionary, the answer is right on the App Store and it goes by the app name – Word Lens. If this is not the coolest app that ever hit the App Store since its inception, it should at least be the coolest iPhone app for 2010. Simply put, Word Lens is an augmented reality app that translates words that your iPhone scan into another language. Right now, the app only has the English to Spanish, Spanish to English language translation pack. But more languages will be supported soon.

Aside from the cool augmented reality translation tool, this app also does another cool thing. Two cool things, in fact. First is that you can scan printed words and you can let the app display it in backwards mode. Or you can scan these printed words and let the app delete it as you stare on your iPhone’s screen. Something like a digital wipe out technology.

The app is free to download from the App Store. But to use the language pack, you have to purchase it for $4.99. It does not require online connection too. So you can use it anytime, anywhere. Hopefully, more languages will be available soon. If that happens – Word Lens iPhone app is detined for stardom. If you’re still not convinced that this app is cool, you better check out the demo video right after the product link below.

Product [iTunes]

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  • John

    What's the news here?

    App like this has been available in Nokia Ovi Store for a long time.
    It supports 17 languages for recognition and over 50 languages for translation.

    Check Photo Translator.