Augmented reality merges with translation – Word Lens is amazing!

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Word lens offers augmented reality with translationAmazing. That’s pretty much the easiest way to describe what Quest Visual has accomplished with their new iOS app Word Lens. The video below shows off just how cool and effortless translating text in augmented reality – that’s right – the text is replaced in near real time.

The app is currently free but Spanish to English or English to Spanish translation is $4.99 each. The app works great on fonts it can recognize, not so well on fonts it doesn’t. Hand written messages are out but this app could be hugely helpful for driving in foreign land (“what the heck does Ausgang mean?”); eating out can become a whole new experience as you can actually read the French menu. Though, scanning with your iPhone isn’t going to help exterminate that “geek” part of your persona…

Check it out: [Quest Visual]

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