Carphone Warehouse reduces the price of Google Nexus S before release

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What’s this? The Google Nexus S is just to about to be released in the UK via online retailer, Carphone Warehouse and yet its price was already reduced? If you remember a few days ago, the Nexus S was supposed to be released in the UK on December 20 for a hefty price of £549.99. Translated to US dollars that’s around $820 almost $300 more than that contract-free units being sold from Best Buy stores ($529). So now, it’s down to around $669. Still more expensive but still a good deal for our friends in the UK who are eyeing this Google Phone.

No reason was cited as to why Carphone Warehouse made the price reduction. Although, I have a feeling that the store gathered some feedback from the UK crowd or possibly based their decision on how the Google Nexus S sale went in the U.S. There’s no official figures as to how the first day of sale in the U.S. went but it may not be that good.

So there you go UK folks. There’s still time to pre-order the Google Nexus S before its release on December 20. If you don’t feel like spending that much on a contract-free unit, you can also get the Nexus S under various contracts with Vodafone UK.

Product [Carphone Warehouse] Via [Android-Apps]

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