Pictures and comments added to Foursquare iPhone app

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As a Christmas gift to its millions of users who patiently checks-in everytime they visit new places (those fans include me), Foursquare has updated their iPhone app bringing in two of the most requested features from users – photos and comments. Through partnership with top social photo sharing sites – Instagram, PicPlz and Foodspotting, the whole business of checking-in to Foursquare becomes more fruitful since these photos will greatly enhance the suggestion feature of this iPhone app.

So now, if you use Instagram, everytime this app pushes a photo to Foursquare, that photo automatically becomes a check-in with photo. While sightings you made using the app Foodspotting will be considered as check-in with food photos. The same goes true for Picplz.

As for the comments feature, Foursquare will now let you improve your day by informing your friends that you’re around the corner and you can invite them to drop by the place where you are. It will also be useful for putting last-minute comment that will remind you to order the best dishes in town. In addition, tips with photos will help you make the right decision on which place has the best-looking food venue or even in identifying a hard-to-find spot. What’s good about the updated Foursquare iPhone app is that it allows you to visit your history page on – allowing you to look back at the places you have been-including photos and comment.

And soon to follow photo sharing to Facebook and Flickr – which is an easier way of keeping track of all the comments you’re getting. Soon, there will also be a useful place for storing your old photos.

The updated version of Foursquare is available now from the App Store. Simply hit that update button on your iPhone iTunes to get the update.

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