Gadgetell Review (follow up): Netgear Push2TV adapter for use with Intel Wireless Display

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It is pretty rare that we review the same item twice, but that seems to be the case with the Negear Push2TV adapter. For those who missed the first review, you can read that by clicking here. And just to stay in full disclosure mode, this notebook and adapter were provided by Intel.

That said, while the adapter worked fine during the first review and we were more than happy with the setup process and the actual use we still wanted to see what the difference would be on various televisions using various connections and at varying resolutions. In short, we used this on a 720p set, a 1080p set and tried using both HDMI and regular RCA cables for connection.

Plus, Intel released an updated driver and that was part of the reasoning behind the second look. So first things first, the updated driver and the installation process — slightly annoying to say the least. We were told to head to the website, and figured we would have a file to download and install and maybe even a reboot. Needless to say, there are four files to download and install and a restart between each one is described as being “important.” In summary, the end result was just fine, however the process was long enough that had I just been a regular user and things were going fine (as they were) I would have passed. But to be fair, one of those four was limited to the specific notebook that we are using.

Anyway, moving past the download and install driver update process and we still really like this setup. Granted it is not something that we would find use for everyday, but for the ease of setup, ease of use and decent price tag it seems like a win overall and nice to have available.

Getting back to the further testing, like mentioned earlier, we tried this using regular RCA cables and an HDMI cable and we tested on a set that maxed out at 720p and a set with 1080p. Given that, I am sure you can guess the end result — the 1080p set with an HDMI cable was the best. But then again I am not sure how surprising that would be. End message here, the Netgear Push2TV adapter will work on 720p with regular cables, but it would not be recommended by us. Of course, that rational was based on watching something where color was more important, such as video. In other words, if you are using this to show off your display for text or a simple presentation, then this would not be anything to worry about.

And lastly, the updated drivers seemed to help things out a little bit. Upon firing the machine and television up for some testing, it seemed as if there was a little less of a delay from when you do something on the notebook to when it shows on the screen. Without getting all that scientific, it seems to have cut the delay from around 2-3 seconds to maybe 1 second.

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