Microsoft sold over 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 phones to retailers so far

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Windows Phone 7

Until now Microsoft hasn’t exactly been all that forthcoming with sales figures for Windows Phone 7. Now, six weeks after the launch of the new smartphone OS we have some numbers, and compared to other smartphones they’re not incredibly impressive.

After six weeks of being on the market, Microsoft has sold 1.5 million units to retailers. That doesn’t mean that 1.5 million people are currently using the OS, in fact it probably means the number of units sold to consumers is fairly low. Compare Microsoft’s number to the 1.7 million iPhone 4s sold in the first three days, and things aren’t necessarily looking good for Microsoft.

These numbers don’t mean that Windows Phone 7 won’t end up being a strong contender down the line. Microsoft is working to improve the OS, with copy & paste and other features scheduled to come early next year, and multitasking to come sometime down the line. This is an entirely new OS which could use a bit of work, and Microsoft seems committed to making it work just as well as iOS and Android over time.

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