New Apple TV to sell 1 million by the end of this week

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Apple TV
We’ve already heard what the new Apple TV has done to Roku sales, and now Apple is talking about how the device itself is selling. According to Apple, the new Apple TV will sell it’s 1 millionth unit sometime this week, just in time for Christmas.

According to Apple, not only will the Apple TV “top one million units later this week,” but iTunes users are buying and renting TV shows and movies fairly regularly. According to Apple, users are buying or renting 400,000 TV episodes and 150,000 movies every day. Unfortunately there’s no break down of purchases and rentals, but it would be easy to assume that movies are rented more often than TV episodes simply because there are more movies available for rent than TV shows.

With 1 million sold, the new Apple TV seems like it’s still a bit of a hobby for the company. The number isn’t bad at all, but it’s hard to believe that Steve Jobs is incredibly happy with the performance. It is easy to blame TV for the somewhat slow sales, as it’s still hard to find TV shows that are available for rent. With that gone, the biggest draw is for AirPlay, which was already hacked into XBMC for Windows. If AirPlay finds its way into something like the Boxee Box or Roku players, then it’s easy to assume the Apple TV would sell even more slowly.

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