Verizon launches FiOS app for iPad

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Verizon FiOS Mobile
Using cable boxes can be annoying, especially trying to navigate through those sluggish menus using the remotes that seem to confuse a lot of people, and annoy others. If you have FiOS and an iPad, Verizon has just made it much simpler to control your set-top box.

Today Verizon launched it’s second iPad app, this one let’s you interact with your HD set-top box by just using your iPad. With the app you can set the DVR, browse channels, look though the On Demand content, and generally just use your iPad as a remote control. The only thing the app doesn’t seem to allow is content viewing, you still need to watch your FiOS content on a TV, but you can control that TV from just about anywhere.

Controlling your DVR from anywhere isn’t exactly a new thing, and isn’t really all the exciting. The idea of being able to control any HD box in your house from an iPad is interesting, however. It might cause a few arguments in a family setting, but it could be worthwhile for the chance to ditch the annoying remote in favor of a much more manageable and intuitive experience.

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