Photos, comments and check-in widgets added to Foursquare for Android

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foursquare android app Foursquare is not going to let down on their Android followers this Christmas Season. After adding photos, comments and some other nifty features to their Foursquare iPhone app, the same were added to the Android counterpart. If you’re using your Android phone to access check-in to places via Foursquare, hit that update button from the Android Market to get Foursquare Android app’s latest version.

After updating your Foursquare Android app, the next time you want to check-in, you can now attach photos related to a place to make your check-in activity more meaningful to your Foursquare friends and other Foursquare users. You can attach photos of practically anything – food, menus, ambiance and more.

Another new feature is the addition of commenting feature. Everytime you check-in you can now add comments aside from creating tips about a particular place. Who knows if a friend happens to be at a nearby place, you can set a meet-up via the app. You and your friends can also start a discussion centering on the particular place where you are checking-in. You can share tips on what food to order and the likes.

In addition to these two new features, Foursquare for Android also now lets you visit your history page on This will enable you to see all the places you’ve checked-in, including photos and comments made of specific places.

All those new features were the same with what was introduced a couple of days ago for Foursquare iOS apps. What sets the Android apart is the addition of two new Foursquare widgets which you can add to your homescreen. These two widgets lets you check-in quickly and see your friends’ latest activity.

The updated Foursquare Android app is available now from the Android Market. Have fun checking-in this Holiday Break, folks!

Via [Foursquare Blog]

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