Refurbished iPhone 4 selling for $99 on AT&T with two year agreement

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iPhone 4 16GB refurbished for $99

Refurbished electronics are a great way to save a bit of money on an item that hardly receives price cuts. For instance, today AT&T has slashed the refurbished iPhone 4 price to $99 on the 16GB model and to $199 on the 32GB model. Both price cuts are $50 in magnitude. However, if a “cosmetic blemish” doesn’t cause a look of disgust to cross your face, then consider a $79 16GB model or a $179 32GB model. For those wondering, refurbished simply implies returned or exchanged iPhone 4s that the AT&T staff personally tests to make sure it meets quality standards and then they are sold under refurbished.

Read [AT&T] Via [BGR]

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