Barnes & Noble’s Nook Kids interactive ebooks for kids arrives on the iPad

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Nook Kids for iPad

So you got your kid a shiny new iPad for Christmas? Why not make good use of the device by using it to introduce your kids to ebooks? Lucky for you, there’s a new app that you can use to start your kid’s way into ebook reading, check out Barnes & Noble’s Nook Kids iPad app. It comes with 2 free ebooks – Richard Scarry’s Colors and Elephant’s Child -that should get your child started into reading interactive ebooks on his new iPad.

Nook Kids for iPad is a pretty good iPad that provides access to Barnes and Noble’s large and growing collection of children’s digital picture books. The app will let you and your kids explore dynamic books for kids, ranging from classic to contemporary titles. What’s good about those digital books is that they all include the original colorful artwork that will look beautiful on the iPad.

The app also brings those books into life via the interactive controls when reading them on the iPad. Your kids would enjoy tapping and swiping through the pages of those books, enlarge text, zoom in and around graphics as well as listen to the narration for some ebooks with the Read Me option. The app also features AliveTouch Technology which allows your kids to interact with words and pictures on every page of some ebooks.

The app will also teach your kids to better organize their collection via portable, personalized bookshelves which they would enjoy bringing with them where ever they go.

Barnes & Nobles’ Nook Kids iPad is available now for free download from the App Store.

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