Report: Apple preparing three versions of the iPad 2

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Even though the iPad 2 hasn’t even been announced yet, sources are already reporting information on the types of iPad 2s are expected to ship and even the total shipping volume. According to Digitimes, the iPad 2 will ship in either WiFi, UMTS, or CDMA. The latter two models imply iPad 2s with 3G capability, while WiFi simply means lack of 3G connectivity.

Interestingly, many people prefer the iPad in conjunction with a data plan, even though the upfront cost for the iPad is more and then you are tied to a data plan. Currently, 60-65% of iPad sales are for the 3G model. As result, sources expect the iPad 2 to ship in this such ratio: 3:4:3 for WiFi, UMTS, and CDMA, respectively. About 16 million total shipments for the iPad occurred in 2010 and a few million (2-3) of inventory will roll over into the new year. Apple expects this batch to sell off by the first quarter of 2011, giving rise to an iPad 2 announcement. Analysts expect Apple to ship over 40 million iPad 2’s in the ever-growing tablet market.

Via [Digitimes]

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  • A dofollow

    Why all the hype? There is only need for one. I wont buy more than one.

  • Lellyy mission

    While the iPad is pretty cool, you will likely need a full featured computer for work. Being stuck with a Windows only laptop is not good; for work, you want a fast and reliable computer, that gets the job done without getting in your way. Macs are fast, reliable, and offer countless tools for professional work, and great tools for automating repetitive tasks.