Fans rejoice as Teng P07 tablet running Ubuntu Netbook OS leak out

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Ubuntu Tenq P07

Well, look what we have here. Proving once more that tablet is the new netbook – Ubuntu, more popularly known for their open-source netbook operating system is also diving into the crazy tablet pool. High-res image of Ubuntu’s upcoming tablet, dubbed Tenq P07 have just leaked out. If the idea of having a tablet running a free OS doesn’t get you excited that much, well maybe the fact that it might be released at a very affordable price would.

Aside from its OS, we also found out that the Ubuntu Tenq P07 will be packed with a 32GB SSD. It will also feature “almost instant” boot time, just like most Ubuntu netbooks were. Some more juicy tech specs include – a 1.6GHz Atom processor and 2GB of RAM.

Other details about this tablet are still unknown, including when it will be unveiled. But then, with several tablets already being earmarked for unveiling during CES 2011, we won’t be surprise if Ubuntu joins the fun and launch this tablet in the said event as well. But that is, if Ubuntu engineers manage to work out some unknown bugs in the tablet right now.

So folks, are we excited about the Ubuntu Tenq P07 tablet running on a free OS or not?

Via [GizChina]

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