Samsung Galaxy S2 rumored to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress

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With CES happening next week, you’d expect a lot of the new rumors to focus on the Vegas trade show. While many are, this one shoots for the trade show in February, Mobile World Congress. This time we have rumors of Samsung announcing the follow-up to it’s Galaxy S lineup.

The Galaxy S2 is rumored to be fairly similar to the specs seen in the Nexus S, with one major difference. The Galaxy S2 is said to run Android 2.3 Gingerbread, have NFC support and a gyroscope just like the Galaxy S. Unlike the Nexus S, The Galaxy S2 will supposedly run on a dual-core processor. That should be no surprise, Samsung has talked about dual-core processors set for mass production in 2011 in recent months.

The big question now is will the Galaxy S2 have the Nexus S’ Contour Display?

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