Windows Phone 7 Marketplace on track to crest 5,000 available apps milestone

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While the Android Market is celebrating 200,000 apps, it looks like Windows Phone 7 is celebrating a milestone of their own — 5,000. And sure, that is not quite as exciting, but at the same time you have to remember that WP7 is a brand new market and a brand new operating system. Not to mention, when you compare this to the progress that we have seen with webOS and the App Catalog it seems to speak wonders. And just for the record, webOS topped 5,000 after 18 months — Windows Phone 7 — 2 months. With that, the WP7 Marketplace history of milestones is as follows; they reached 1,000 on October 25th, 2,000 on November 8th, 3,000 on December 1st and 4,000 on December 15th. And interestingly enough, wpcentral is reporting that more than 1,100 of those apps are games — so much for a Windows Phone being all business.

Via [wpcentral]

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