Skype giving out 30 Minute Credit (worth $1) for recent down time

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It looks like Skype has begun to make good on the recent downtime issues, though I am sure many are going to question the amount of the credit — roughly 30 minutes of calling. Or in other words, roughly $1. That said, this still seems early and we would like to hope that some heavier users get a larger credit. As for the 30 minutes ($1) credit that is being mentioned, that one we can confirm as we received the official email from Skype. And strangely enough, we are not heavy users, in fact aside from having some Skype Out credits that were purchased (at best guess) over a year ago — we rarely if ever use Skype — and they still gave us something. That said, if you are (or have ever been) a Skype customer then be on the lookout for an email from Skype. In the meantime, you can see the email that we received below…

To our valued customers:

As 2010 draws to a close, I would like to take a moment to thank each of you for your patience, understanding, and support during Skype’s recent outage.

We know how important your Skype conversations are to you and we take any disruption to our service very seriously. We are pleased to confirm that Skype is back to normal allowing you to connect with friends, co-workers, family and loved ones.

As a valued customer of Skype, we would like to offer you a sincere apology and offer you our gratitude with a credit voucher worth a call of more than 30 minutes to a landline in some of our most popular countries, such as USA, UK, Germany, China, Japan. Or spend it however you like on Skype.

To redeem your voucher:

1. Go to
2. Enter your Skype username and password
3. Enter your unique voucher code and click redeem

Voucher code [CODE REMOVED]

Thank you for allowing us at Skype to be a part of your life. May your holidays and the New Year be a time of joy, peace, and health for you and your family.

If you require any additional information please visit

Kind regards,

Tony Bates

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  • bob

    all very commendable. so i enter '' , get onto the site. am then left stranded. where do i enter username and password. not user friendly.

  • shirlgirl13

    I have the same comment as the above writer. I go to the site, but there is nowhere to put in my user name and password. Was this a ficticious offer?

  • Emeka

    I am sure this was not what you promised your customers. But I am still waiting. I want to take you by your words.

  • bob

    ok so we are agreed. they have made a boo boo. does this info ever reach skype or are we left feeling totally frustrated, all for the sake of a little old dollar.

  • lombard

    Where do I find the space to enter my details for this $1 discount. I have spent half and hour searching, no joy, at my professional fee of $500/hour it has already cost me $250 to save $1. I think you are very imcompetent.


    Hans Lombard

  • Gunsett


  • bob

    ah well.
    i won't be commenting further.

  • shobana

    all for a dollar. no voucher code found

  • lil dee

    im boardddddd lolxx